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Happy. Free. Confused. In the best way.

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Happy. Free. Confused. In the best way.


getting a good grade on the test you were 97.4% sure you were going to fail

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Sitting here in the car on the way home, reflecting on what has been the best ten days of my life. Thank you mom and dad for putting together the best trip a kid could ever ask for. You are everything to me.  (at 🍫/🌊/🌇)
I’m going to miss this absolutely breathtaking city with every ounce of my being. I love you so much, NYC. And I will be back. ❤️🌃 (at Manhattan Bridge)
Today I met the anchors of GMA, Emeril Lagasse, and Vin Diesel. Casual.  (at !!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
So happy I got to experience the taping of GMA with some new friends. 😄 (at @ The Taping Of Good Morning America)
We couldn’t visit Lady Liberty, so we had to make due. 🗽 #closeenough (at Battery Park)
It’s amazing how something so tragic can be turned into something so beautiful. ❤️ #neverforget (at 9/11 Memorial - World Trade Centre Site)
Finding wings in New York City. (Sorry to steal the caption, @taylorswift. 😉)
9 floors of Heaven. 😍 (at The Worlds Biggest Macy’s)
There is only one thing better than a Time Square selfie. A Time Square selfie at night. 💖
Time Square selfies are the best kind of selfies. 😄 (at Times Square, New York City, Ny, Usa)
Exploring NYC. And yes, it’s as gorgeous as people say it is.  (at NYC❤️🌇)
I’m so happy.  (at Times Square NYC)
Between Watch Hill yesterday and Mystic today, my weekend has been super fun and super coastal. 👍🌊😄🐠 (at Historic Mystic, Connecticut)